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"I try to give to my music the spiritual quality, very deep in the soul, which does something even if you are not realizing it or analyzing it - that's the duty of the music.”- Late (Bharat Ratna) Pt. Ravi Shankar

Traditions are vulnerable to the passage of time and can become a part of history if not nurtured for posterity. Indian classical and folk art forms had sustained over generations and the gradual disappearance of the art forms are leading to a dilution of musical traditions and values.
Swarangan Events has taken the bold initiative to disseminate the ancient tradition of Indian classical and folk art forms and to nurture and propagate the priceless heritage among the masses.
India being the epitome of a very rich cultural heritage, enshrining a national treasure trove of different styles of classical dance, music, folk arts, tribal arts and much more. At Swarangan Events, we are trying to bridge the gap between the main stream audiences and our heritage art forms.
We are committed to organizing and managing live concerts of internationally acclaimed classical and folk artistes. We also facilitate fusion music concerts, theatre performances and workshops by acclaimed artistes for corporate and social gatherings, depending on the preferences of the clients.
At this crucial moment of technological change, when the internet is poised to change our lives, Swarangan Events has now online to cater to audiences across the globe.

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